NETMOVE was established in 1996 and over the years, we have been developing and perfecting a large range of services related to mobility such as international and domestic moves for local companies and their employees as well as expatriates from all over the world.

We are a modern and efficient company in Brazil. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete your move in a timely fashion. We keep in constant communication with the client so that they have a clear understanding of where they are in the overall process of their move.

We focus on international and domestic moves. As a result, we are able to manage and operate a move to or from any country and any city in Brazil.

Our account coordinators will serve each individual company. You will be serviced by your coordinator from start to finish for each and every move your company makes with NETMOVE. This individualized service is what sets us apart from our competition. This concept continues to be extremely successful when implementing our services. We believe that by centralizing all information related to the move through a single point of contact, any potential problems will be avoided.

Our team is very experienced and knows all operations and administration procedures related to a move as well as the laws involving moves in any country.

We are able to significantly reduce the final cost of your move, developing strong and reliable partnerships in all regions of Brazil.

We work on a reciprocal basis with agents worldwide. We are able to apply advanced payment for port charges, avoiding delays in the process of loading/unloading and customs clearance. This significantly decreases the port charges.

Our company cares about the community and environment. We are an associate member of Instituto Ethos, which is an institute that encourages socially responsible actions. We also participate and encourage our team to join social responsibility programs and volunteer in the community.

Contact us and learn how we can help your company  move its employees worldwide successfully.